How to come to Mykines

It is possible to come to Mykines by either boat or by helicopter.
It is only possible to sail to Mkines from May to October while it is possible to go by helicopter all the year round.
One should pay attention to the fact, that cancellations can occur at all sesons, even in the middle of the summer, because of bad weather or fog and that the Faroese weather can change from one hour to the next.
It is therefore recomended, that one visit Mykines in the beginning of ones trip to the Faroes, so one is able to tolerate some days being late snd thereby awoiding beeing late to ones plane or ship from the Faroes.

It is likewise recomended to carry with nessesary medicine in the case one have to stay a day not planned.

Links to timetables to Mykines and to companies which fly or sail to the Faroes.

Strandfaraskip Landsins, timetable for Jósup to Mykines
Helicoptertimetable to Mykines
Atlantic Airways
Smyril Line